Helping combat the opioid epidemic

As opioid addiction continues to impact patients and families across the United States, we take a proactive, collaborative approach to help combat opioid misuse and abuse while also seeking to ensure access for patients with legitimate medical needs. We commit resources and expertise to help fight this health crisis and work closely with our nonprofit partners to support prescription drug safety and mental health resources in local communities.

In FY22, Cencora, along with two other pharmaceutical distributors, agreed to a nationwide settlement that resolves a substantial majority of the opioid-related lawsuits filed by state and local government entities across the country. In FY23, we have also entered into separate settlements with West Virginia subdivisions and Native American tribes. While we strongly dispute the allegations, we believe settling was an important step towards achieving a global resolution and delivering meaningful relief to communities across the United States that have been impacted. As part of the nationwide settlement, Cencora is responsible for paying up to approximately $6.4 billion over 18 years. Additionally, we are complying with other requirements of the settlement, including the establishment of a clearinghouse that consolidates data from all three national distributors and will be available to 48 participating states to use as part of their anti-diversion efforts. We are currently in the process of working with a vendor to implement the Clearinghouse in FY24.
More details on our efforts to ensure safe and secure distribution, maintain operational integrity, and support legislation can be found in our Safe and Secure Distribution of Controlled Substances report  * or 10-K .

*Though this report was developed in September 2019, it is periodically reviewed and the management approach remains consistent.

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