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Leadership message: Gina Clark

If there’s one sentiment that comes to mind as I reflect on this past year, it’s a deep sense of gratitude for the collective impact we’ve made with our customers and partners, for our 46,000 team members who lead with passion every day, and for the exciting evolution of our united global company.

Gina K. Clark, the Executive Vice President and Chief Communications and Administration Officer of Cencora, speaking at a podium during a corporate event.
Gina K. Clark, the Executive Vice President and Chief Communications and Administration Officer of Cencora, speaking at a podium during a corporate event.
I have never been more inspired or proud of the way we achieve our purpose: we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. While this purpose has the been the cornerstone of our work for many years, we continue to find new ways to bring it to life through action and partnership. Our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy is a key example of this, and we are excited to share our progress against our ESG goals in fiscal year 2023.

Cencora fulfills its commitments to ESG by focusing our efforts on our defined strategy, which is shaped by our focus areas and several external standards and frameworks we voluntarily – yet intentionally – chose to align to, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the World Economic Forum Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics.

While there are numerous outcomes we are proud to share in this year’s report, there are a few key initiatives that meaningfully demonstrate our ESG strategy in action:
Gina K. Clark, the Executive Vice President and Chief Communications and Administration Officer of Cencora, speaking at a podium during a corporate event.

Purpose-driven team members

  • Offered enhanced benefit programs to support holistic wellbeing and mental health for team members, including increased parental leave in the United States to 12 weeks and expanded reimbursement for expenses when a team member or their covered dependent needs to travel to access quality care.
  • Recognized by national and global organizations as a leader for disability inclusion and workplace equality for the LGBTQ+ community; ongoing inclusion efforts are informed by our organization-wide global employee experience survey.

Resilient and sustainable operations

  • Set a science-based emissions reduction target, which was formally validated by SBTi and launched a global approach to renewable energy.
  • Launched a recycling program estimated to divert 25 million injection pens per year in our Alliance Healthcare France and Alphega businesses in partnership with a manufacturer.

Healthy customers and communities

  • Donated more than $12 million to communities through Cencora and the Cencora Impact Foundation supporting access to healthcare.
  • Enabled community pharmacists in six European countries to access the Alphega Pharmacy Oncology Support Program, which helps pharmacists offer better advice and support to patients living with cancer. 

Like any responsible, purpose-focused business, we must evaluate both internal and external expectations around ESG and translate them into meaningful business goals, practices, and solutions. And, as an organization passionate about continuous improvement, when we reflected on the past year, we also identified opportunities to advance this work.

I’m incredibly proud and excited about our global rebrand from AmerisourceBergen to Cencora and the work that it represents behind the scenes to unite all of our team members and business units under one unified company. Along with our growing footprint, this new global approach means we have even greater opportunities – and responsibilities – to make a positive impact on our planet as our work spans international borders, languages, and cultures. This also means it’s critical for us to routinely assess our ESG strategy and governance model to ensure our approach aligns to the needs of our business and our impact on the world.

We take this responsibility seriously, engaging a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders to understand the primary areas where Cencora has the greatest impact and use these perspectives to inform our priorities. We then have several layers of leadership actively overseeing and guiding our work in this space, including our Board of Directors, Executive Management Committee, and Global ESG Impact Council, which we recently evolved to include broader global representation and leadership across different commercial and functional areas of our business.

If I could conclude with the same sentiment that I started, I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to all who support our environmental and social impact. Our work is only possible because of a shared spirit of partnership and commitment to making the world better. 

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