Supplier diversity

Our commitment to engaging diverse suppliers supports a resilient supply chain by expanding our footprint, driving greater innovation, and further stimulating the economy. 
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We champion the success of small-, minority-, women-, disabled-, LGBTQ+, and veteran-owned businesses as they play a critical role in the economy and are the source of many innovations that make us a leader in healthcare distribution and related services. 

We continue to make progress on our strategy to expand and increase the inclusion of diverse suppliers across our enterprise.
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In FY23, our supplier diversity efforts focused on further supporting our customers’ diverse supplier initiatives, building awareness of the importance of Cencora’s supplier diversity program, and continuing our investments in minority-owned enterprises. 

FY23 program highlights 

Identified all diverse suppliers on our ordering platform with a special icon to support customer buying decisions
Partnered with our sourcing leaders to launch a program to track Tier 2 diverse spend
Further embedded supplier diversity into our Marketplace platform, where 65% of the sellers were diverse
Brought together more than 80 current and prospective diverse suppliers at our first Supplier Diversity Summit to discuss opportunities for partnership and growth
Invested $100 million and provided ongoing support to Ariel Investments’ Project Black, connecting Fortune 500 companies with diverse vendors and talent

Making a measurable impact

In FY23, we partnered with a third party to identify the direct, indirect, and community impacts of our $2.3B U.S. spend with over 1,000 small and diverse suppliers. Here is what we discovered.
jobs supported within our supply chain and in the suppliers’ communities
cumulative wages earned by employees in jobs supported by our diverse supplier spend
cumulative revenues earned among all businesses impacted by our supplier diversity program
By supporting diverse businesses for our sourcing needs, we can make a bigger impact on underserved communities and further address health inequities. 

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