Healthy customers and communities

We aim to make an impact on communities around the world by broadening access to healthcare and accelerating health outcomes. We accomplish this through a strategic combination of commercial and charitable initiatives that are focused on reducing barriers to healthcare across a wide variety of circumstances and providing resources to promote prescription drug safety. Through our team members’ dedication to our purpose, we’re able to make significant progress in improving the health and well-being of people and animals.
A pharmacist reviewing a paper document with a customer. The pharmacist is on the left and wears a white lab coat and has long brown hair. The customer on the right wears glasses and a blue jacket.

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A dark-skinned medical professional smiling in an outdoor rural setting with lots of green vegetation holds a medical travel cooler. Behind them a dark-skinned person smiles and wears a green and white wrapped dress.

Advancing global health

Two people engaging in discussion, sitting on a blue couch while holding pens and notebooks. They are both dressed in business casual attire. One has medium skin and the other has light skin.

Corporate engagement

Four speakers with name tags sharing a stage during an event sponsored by Cencora. A person on the far right speaks into a microphone while two others on stage look at them.

The Cencora Impact Foundation